Side A: scene at center

Handle: right of side A

Handle: right of side B

Main panel: horses and chariot

Neck: side A, warriors facing right

Side B: oblique from left

Collection: University Museum, University of Pennsylvania
Summary: Mid-body: four chariots and warriors to the right. Handle Zone: deer to the left. Neck, side A: three warriors to the right. Neck, side B: three warriors to the left.
Ware: Attic Geometric
Painter: Attributed to the school of the Villa Giulia Painter
Date: ca. 725 BC - ca. 700 BC

H. 0.515 m., D. 0.260 m., D. foot 0.103 m.

Shape: Amphora
Ceramic Phase: Late Geometric
Period: Geometric


The surface of the face is very worn, chipped and discolored.

Decoration Description:

Mid-body: a continuous frieze shows four chariots and four warriors advancing to the right. The chariots are drawn by two horses with large, round reserved eyes. The chariot horses are shown in almost identical positions, heads pulling forward on the reins. The charioteers show more variation, one of them raising a lash to hurry the horses, another pulling back on the reins with his whole body, a third simply holding the reins. The warriors alternate with the chariots. They are carrying round shields and two spears, and they wear crested helmets and swords at their waists. They are shown simply marching to the right, with the exception of one warrior who has his left foot up, perhaps to step into the chariot in front of him.

Handle Zone: deer to the left. Six grazing deer, three on each side of the vase, decorate the handle zone.

Neck, side A: three warriors to the right. The warriors, wearing crested helmets, march to the right carrying round shields and two spears and wearing swords at their waists.

Neck, side B: three warriors to the left. Identical to the scene of warriors on side A except that they march to the left.

Collection History:

The amphora originally belonged to Hinckle Smith who donated it to the University Museum, Philadelphia, in 1930.

Other Bibliography:

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