Main panel: side B, head of horseman

Main panel: scene under handle, first horseman

Neck: side A, floral band

Main panel: side B, head of hoplite with shield

Main panel: side A, oblique from left, second horseman and hoplite behind

Overview: side A, view from center

Collection: University Museum, University of Pennsylvania
Summary: Upper Body: battle scene. Lower Body: funeral scene. Neck: young warrior and a man holding a sceptre.
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Achilles Painter and Sabouroff Painter
Context: From Greece
Date: ca. 440 BC

H. 0.93 m., D. body 0.295 m., D. foot 0.28 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 841, 112; 990, 45
Shape: Loutrophoros
Beazley Number: 212260
Region: Greece
Period: Classical


The vase is restored from many pieces. The preserved fragments are worn and in some places discolored. There is some pitting of the surface.

Decoration Description:

Upper Body: battle scene. Hoplites fight with cavalry. Two men on horseback gallop to the left, where each is met by a warrior on foot, and two more men fight one another on foot. The first horseman has raised his spear to his shoulder, grasping it in his right hand. He is bearded and wears a petasos and a short cloak. An unbearded warrior lunges at him with raised spear, his back turned toward the viewer. A cloak is flung over his left arm, which is extended behind him, and he wears a high, bulbous helmet. His shield strap can be seen crossing his back diagonally. The two combatants on foot fight in front of this warrior; he is visible between them. One of the warriors, wearing a brimmed helmet and a short cloak, is lunging away from the other warrior, having been pierced by his spear. He casts a last glance behind him before falling onto his knees. The other warrior, in a crested helmet with cheekpieces, stands over him, his right arm raised as he plunges the spear downward. The second horseman rides up behind the first. He has raised his spear to his shoulder, like the first horseman, and grips the reins low on his horse's neck. He is wearing a short cloak and a high, domed helmet and has a pointed beard and a mustache. A naked, bearded warrior moves to meet him, his spear held ready. He carries a shield on his left side, and the scabbard of his sword is visible above his left hip. His shoulder-length hair shows beneath the elaborate, crested helmet he is wearing. This scene is by the Achilles Painter.

Lower Body: funeral scene. Men and youths walk in procession with their right arms extended and palms held out in a gesture of respect or farewell to the dead. The procession begins at a small building with a projecting cornice and a door with riveted cross bars (the tomb?). The figures move away from it to the right and left, meeting on the opposite side of the vase. At least one of the older, bearded men carries a staff. Both men and youths are wrapped in ankle-length mantles. This scene is by the Sabouroff Painter.

Neck, Side A: man with a shield. A beardless man with long hair stands holding shield and a spear. He is facing forward, but turns his head to the right. He is helmeted and wears a cuirass over a short chiton, and a long scarf draped over his arms at the elbows.

Neck, Side B: man with a sceptre. A bearded man dressed in chiton and himation stands in profile to the left holding a spear. These figures are by the Sabouroff Painter.

Shape Description:

As restored, vase is hollow, with no bottom, like earlier loutrophoroi.

Collection History:

The vase was purchased by the University Museum, Philadelphia, from Charles Seltman in January, 1930.

Other Bibliography:

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