Overview: horses facing oblique left front

Overview: horses facing right

Overview: horses facing front

Overview: horses facing left

Lid: view from above

Overview: horses facing oblique left rear

Collection: University Museum, University of Pennsylvania
Summary: Geometric ornament on the body and four plastic horses on the lid.
Ware: Attic Geometric
Date: ca. 750 BC - ca. 735 BC

D. 0.335 m.

Shape: Pyxis
Ceramic Phase: Middle Geometric
Period: Geometric


The surface of the pyxis is worn and faded.

Decoration Description:

The body is divided into panels containing meanders, swastikas, checkerboard patterns, herringbone patterns and simple hatching. The bottom of the pyxis is decorated with an elaborate pattern—a curved swastika in the center of radiating circles filled with double lozenges. The effect is flame-like. Four horses stand side-by-side on the lid. They are painted black with reserved rectangular panels on their chests painted with dot-filled diamonds.

Collection History:

The pyxis was purchased by Georges Nicole for the University Museum, Philadelphia, in 1930.

Sources Used:

Dohan 1930, 11-14, pl. 4