Interior lip: view from above

Overview: handle to rear

Overview: handle to left

Overview: handle in front

Collection: University Museum, University of Pennsylvania
Summary: Bands of geometric motifs.
Ware: Attic Geometric
Date: ca. 750 BC - ca. 730 BC

H. 0.22 m.

Shape: Kyathos
Ceramic Phase: Late Geometric I
Period: Geometric


The surface of the vase is worn, abraded and chipped in places.

Decoration Description:

Bands of geometric ornament. The very bottom of the kyathos is black and the rest of the body is decorated with bands of dotted circles, dotted diamonds, rows of dots and a checkerboard band, each band set off from the next by triple black lines. A wider band decorated with a meander pattern forms the focal point of the decoration and is located two-thirds of the way up the body. The handle of the kyathos is decorated with crosses separated by triple black lines. The inside rim is decorated with triple black lines.

Shape Description:

The kyathos has a high swung handle and tall neck typical of Late Geometric I workshops.

Collection History:

The vase was purchased by Georges Nicole for the University Museum, Philadelphia.

Sources Used:

Dohan 1930, 11-14, pl. 5