Side A: Hector

Side A: scene at left, Hecuba and Priam

Side A: scene at center, Priam, Hector and companion

Side A: scene at near left, Priam and Hector

Side B: view from center

Side A: Priam, head

Collection: University Museum, University of Pennsylvania
Summary: Side A: the Departure of HektorSide B: departure scene
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Group of Polygnotos
Date: ca. 450 BC - ca. 430 BC

H. 0.55 m., D. 0.273 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 1058, 113
Shape: Neck amphora
Beazley Number: 213743
Period: High Classical


The vase is worn and lightly pitted, with the black areas better preserved. The best preserved figures are the messenger on side A and the mother on side B.

Decoration Description:

Side A: The Departure of Hektor. Hektor bids farewell to Priam and Hecuba, while a man waits to conduct him to battle. Hektor, the focal point of the scene, stands third from the left. He faces forward in a contraposto pose looking to the left toward Priam. He is fully armed, with spear, shield and plumed helmet, and wears a short chiton and a girdle decorated with a zig-zag pattern. The outline of his legs is visible through the lower edge of his garment. Hektor's shield is held on his left side (covering his left shoulder), and he holds his spear upright in his right hand. Hecuba stands on the left side of the scene facing Hektor and holding an oinochoe in her right hand. She is dressed in a chiton and himation, and has her hair tied up with a wide band. Priam stands to Hecuba's right, his head turned toward Hektor. He is shown as a bald, white-haired and white-bearded old man leaning on a tall staff with a cross-piece on top. He wears a long mantle with a black border draped to leave his right arm and shoulder bare. His name is inscribed above his head. A man wearing a chlamys, striped stockings and a soft, pointed hat stands on the far right, holding a spear in an upright position. His wavy hair falls to his shoulders.

Side B: Departure scene. A youth bids farewell to his father and mother. The youth in the center faces forward but turns his head toward his mother on the left. He wears striped stockings, a black-bordered chlamys fastened on his right shoulder, and he holds a spear. A pack hangs behind his left shoulder. The mother occupies the left side of the scene and is wearing a chiton, himation, mantle and a sakkos. She is facing her son and holds a phiale toward him in her outstretched hands. The father, bald and bearded but not white-haired, is on the right and stands facing his son, holding a staff with a cross-piece on the top. He is dressed in a long mantle fastened on his left shoulder.

Shape Description:

Neck amphora. The amphora has twisted handles.


Above Priam's head is written: [*P]*I*A*M*O*S, "Priam."

Collection History:

The vase was originally part of the Hope Collection. It was purchased by George Nicole in 1930 for the University Museum.

Other Bibliography:

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