Side B: oblique from left

Side A: four youths

Side A: oblique from left

Side B: view from center

Side A: youth on far right, upper half

Bottom: view from below

Collection: University Museum, University of Pennsylvania
Summary: Side A: four youths. Side B: three boys.
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Dinos Painter
Date: ca. 430 BC - ca. 410 BC

H. 0.315 m., D. 0.32 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 1154.37; Para, 457
Shape: Bell krater
Period: Classical


The krater is in excellent condition.

Decoration Description:

Side A: four youths. The youths, all hunters carrying knobby sticks, are standing in various positions conversing. The youth on the left faces forward, but is looking toward the right where the others stand. His legs are crossed at the ankles and he supports his weight on the knobby stick in his left hand, his right hand on his hip. He is wearing a chlamys and a hat hangs behind his back; it is visible above his right shoulder. The youth second from the left stands facing the first youth but turns his head and leans back to the right to talk to the third youth. He holds his stick in his right hand and gestures with his left. He is wearing a chlamys and a soft pointed hat with a brim, a pilos. The third youth faces the youth in the pilos. He holds his stick in his lowered right hand and in his left hand holds a longer stick to which he has tied his catch, a rabbit. He wears a chlamys and a petasos. On the far right, the fourth youth stands on one leg, lifting his other leg with bent knee. He holds a stick in his right hand; his other hand is hidden under his chlamys. All the youths are barefoot and have hair falling to the top of their shoulders.

Side B: three boys conversing. The central boy and the boy on the right face one another, mouths parted as they speak. The central boy is completely wrapped in his mantle which bulges in back as if covering a pack. The boy on the right gestures with open palm toward his companion, his eyes closed. He is also wrapped in a mantle. The boy on the left faces forward but turns his head toward the other two, gesturing with his right hand which is covered by his mantle. All three wear white fillets in their hair.


A graffito inscribed on the bottom of the vase reads: *P*E*L*L*I*N*I*A *D*P*I *O*C*I*D*E*S *P*I *I *K*R*A*T*E*R*E*S *P*I, "16 pellenia, one drachma; six oxides, one obol; six kraters, four drachmae, three obols." Interpo

Collection History:

The vase was purchased by the University Museum, Philadelphia, from Sprink & Son, London.

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