Side B: Nike, upper half

Side B: scene at center

Side A: Nike, upper half

Side B: man on right, upper half

Tondo: athletes, lower half

Side A: Nike

Collection: University Museum, University of Pennsylvania
Summary: Side A: Nike between two youths. Side B: Nike between a boy and a bearded man. Tondo: a pair of athletes leave the palaestra.
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Penthesilea Painter
Date: ca. 460 BC - ca. 450 BC

H. 0.085 m., D. rim 0.222 m.

Shape: Kylix
Period: Early Classical


All reserved areas are scratched and worn.

Decoration Description:

Side A: Nike between a youth and a bearded man. The Nike in the center may be arriving to announce a victory, judging by her running pose. She is moving to the right, wings extended, and looks back over her shoulder to the left. She wears a long chiton with elbow length sleeves, girdled to form a long overfall. Her lower legs are visible beneath the chiton. The Nike is carrying a narrow piece of cloth draped over each of her forearms and passing behind her back. In her spread hands are pairs of sticks (obeloi?) bound together; the bindings are faintly visible at intervals down their length. The youth on the left gestures spread-fingered toward the Nike. He is wrapped in a knee length cloak and is leaning on a staff. The bearded man on the right moves away from the Nike, turning back to look at her and extending his right arm toward her with flat palm, in greeting or in awe. He leans on a knobby staff tucked under his left armpit, and is wrapped in a long cloak which leaves his right shoulder free. All the figures have their heads slightly bowed to better fit on the side of the kylix.

Side B: Nike between two youths. The Nike flies in between the two youths, moving to the right. She looks over her shoulder to the left and holds up the edge of her chiton with her right hand, as if to lend her more speed. She is wearing a long soft chiton and a himation draped loosely over her left shoulder. She also wears a headband and an earring. The youth on the left looks toward the Nike, leaning on a knobby staff with his right hand, his left arm tucked under his robe. On the right the lower legs of a man are preserved. He faces the Nike, draped in a cloak and holding a staff.

Interior: a pair of athletes leave the palaestra. The youth on the left is moving to the left with his head turned back to the right toward his companion. He is carrying a garment over his left forearm, and has his right arm extended at his side. The athlete on the right is shown in profile to the left, and is carrying a diskos in a diskos bag in his left hand. He holds a strigil in his raised right hand. An aryballos hangs on the wall behind him, on the far right side of the scene.

Shape Description:

A Type B kylix with a very shallow bowl.

Collection History:

The kylix was given to the University Museum by Henry C. Lea in 1931.

Sources Used:

Ashmead & Phillips 1976. CVA, U.S.A., University Museum, Philadelphia (forthcoming)