Main panel: thyrsos in maenad's right hand

Main panel: maenad walking right

Main panel: maenad, upper half

Overview: handle to rear

Main panel: snake in maenad's left hand

Overview: handle to left

Collection: University Museum, University of Pennsylvania
Summary: Maenad.
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Berlin Painter
Date: ca. 490 BC

H. 0.355 m., D. 0.130 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 211, 201
Shape: Lekythos
Period: Late Archaic


The lekythos is in good condition; there is some chipping of the surface along the mends.

Decoration Description:

Maenad. A maenad strides to the right carrying a snake and a thyrsos. She is looking back over her shoulder to the left. The snake in her left hand has wrapped itself around her lower arm. Her right hand, extended behind her, holds the thyrsos. She is barefoot and dressed in chiton and himation. On her head she wears a diadem with a large flower at the back.

Collection History:

The University Museum, Philadelphia, received the vase from Joseph Brummer.

Other Bibliography:

Dohan 1928, 72-74; ARV2, 141, 160.