Main panel: woman on left, upper half

Main panel: man on left

Main panel: man on right, upper half

Overview: oblique from above

Overview: handles to sides

Main panel: woman on left

Collection: University Museum, University of Pennsylvania
Summary: Four figures in front of a Doric porch.
Ware: Attic Black Figure
Painter: Kinship with the Nikoxenos Painter
Context: Excavated at Vulci
Date: ca. 500 BC

H. 0.215 (restored) m., D. 0.305 m.

Primary Citation: ABV, 398 (called Phil.694)
Shape: Hydria
Region: Etruria
Period: Archaic


The preserved fragments are worn and somewhat discolored.

Decoration Description:

Four figures in front of a Doric porch, possibly courting. A man and woman stand talking to one another on the left, and a man speaks to a seated woman on the right. The column and entablature of a Doric porch are visible behind the seated woman. The bearded man on the far left is leaning on a staff and gesturing toward his mouth with his right hand. The woman to whom he is speaking is holding a mirror in her left hand while her right hand imitates the gesture of the man. Both figures are wrapped in plain, black mantles. The couple on the right reach toward one another. The man, standing on the right, leans forward to reach toward the woman with his right arm, while the woman, seated on a folding stool, reaches out with both arms, palms upward. The man is wrapped in a mantle, while the woman wears a chiton and himation. The women's skin and the abacus of the column were painted white. White paint is also preserved on the upper edge of the entablature.

Collection History:

The vase was recovered in excavations conducted under the auspices of the American Exploration Society in 1896 and 1897, from Tomb 72, and subsequently became part of the collection of the University Museum, Philadelphia. Funding for the museum's contributions to the excavations came from Mrs. Phoebe A. Hearst.