Reconstructed section of slips at the harbor of Zea, Piraeus, Shipsheds

Reconstructed side elevation of slip at the harbor of Zea, Piraeus, Shipsh...

Plan, Piraeus, Shipsheds

Context: Piraeus
Type: Shipshed
Summary: Stoa-like boathouse; several located on the shores of the harbors at Piraeus.
Date: ca. 480 BC - ca. 390 BC

Average breadth: 6.75 m.

Region: Attica
Period: Classical


Floors, with slotted slipways cut to accommodate trireme keels, that sloped and descended into the water between rows of tall columns alternating with rows of shorter columns. Parallel roofs supported by taller columns at the ridges and the shorter columns at the valleys.


Slipways cradled and protected the keel and undersides of ship when it was hauled from the water.

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