Title: Portrait of Miltiades
Context: From Delphi
Summary: The Athenian general Miltiades
Object Function: Victory
Material: Bronze?
Sculpture Type: Free-standing statue
Category: Original/copies
Style: Early Classical
Technique: Hollow cast
Original or Copy: Original (lost)
Date: ca. 470 BC - ca. 460 BC
Scale: Life-size
Region: Phocis
Period: Early Classical

Subject Description: A portrait of Miltiades is said to have been set up at Delphi only a few decades after his death, probably in the 460s: Miltiades was included among generals, Eponymous Heroes, and gods/goddesses in the Marathon group, by Pheidias, dedicated at Delphi as a tithe from the spoils of Marathon (Paus. 10.10.1).

Condition: Lost

Sources Used: Zanker 1995, 63-66; Richter 1984, 166-67