Title: Portrait of Themistokles
Context: Possibly from Athens
Summary: Themistokles
Object Function: Honorary
Material: Bronze?
Sculpture Type: Free-standing portrait statue
Category: Original/copies
Style: Early Classical
Original or Copy: Original (lost)
Date: ca. 460 BC
Scale: Life-size
Period: Early Classical

Form & Style: While the style of the only known copy of this portrait (Ostia Themistokles) is early Classical, and would plausibly date to ca. 460 B.C., some scholars doubt that such a realistic portrait might have existed in the second quarter o fthe fifth century, and would rather date it to the fourth century, when sculptors might have sculpted it in a style that would evoke Themistokles' era.

Date Description: The style of the only known copy, the Ostia Themistokles, is definitely early Classical, as is the structure of the work, as evidenced in the simplified structure of the head and features, and the linear carving of the hair.

Condition: Lost

Sources Used: Richter 1984, 210-12

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