Mouth: view from above

Side A: woman, lower half

Side B: youth

Side A: oblique from right

Side A: woman

Side A: woman, upper half

Collection: Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design
Summary: Standing woman and youth
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Triptolemos Painter
Attributed By: J.D. Beazley
Context: Athens
Date: ca. 490 BC - ca. 470 BC

H. 0.102 m., D. 0.035 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 363, 29 bis; Beazley Addenda 2, p.222, no.363.29 bis
Shape: Alabastron
Ceramic Phase: Severe Style
Beazley Number: 203821
Region: Attica
Period: Late Archaic


Glaze eroded on lip and lugs

Decoration Description:

Side A: Standing woman. Adorned with a v-shaped necklace, she stands, facing front, dressed in a long transparent Ionic style chiton with loose elbow sleeves and overhang (kolpos), broken up into many folds. Her hair is bunched up on either side of her head and gathered in a fillet. With her right hand she holds up a long tasseled fillet and grasps the same in her left hand. Her feet are shown in profile, pointing to the right where there is a basket full of wool or fillets, indicated in red.

Side B: Youth. Draped in a himation which comes up over the back of his head, he faces left. He stretches out his right hand to the basket on Side A, and holds a branch. With his left, he leans on a staff, the top of which is concealed in the folds of his garment. Since the alabastron is a funerary offering, perhaps the woman is bringing the fillets to decorate a tomb as on RISD 69.142.1. Fillets were a token of remembrance and were frequently shown tied to the tomb stele.

Shape Description:

High, flaring mouth, wide bottom, two small pierced lugs for suspension.

Collection History:

Formerly in Warren collection. Purchased, 1925.

Sources Used:

CVA, USA 2, RISD 1, p. 27, Pl.20: 2 a-b

Other Bibliography:

Banks RISD Bulletin XVI (1928) p.51; Allentown Art Museum, Aspects 80-81, no.37.