Side B: oblique from left

Side A: garment in background

Side A: scene at center

Side B: youth, lower half

Side B: woman, upper half

Handle: right of side B

Collection: Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design
Summary: Side A: Eros and Woman playing ephisdremos
Side B: Youth and woman
Ware: Apulian Red Figure
Painter: Workshop of the Ilioupersis Painter
Attributed By: A.D. Trendall
Date: ca. 375 BC - ca. 350 BC

H. 0.115 m., D. rim 0.135 m., W. from handle to handle 0.220 m., D. of foot 0.065 m.

Primary Citation: Trendall & Cambitoglou 1978, ch.8 p.208, 136(?)
Shape: Skyphos
Ceramic Phase: Middle Apulian
Period: Late Classical

Date Description:



glaze flaking off on handles.

Decoration Description:

Side A: A game of ephisdremos is shown (Pollux IX, 119: "...they put down a stone and throw at it from a distance with balls or pebbles. The one who fails to overturn the stone carries the other, having his eyes blindfolded by the rider, until, if he does not go astray, he reaches the stone, which is called the dioros." The woman, draped in a long sleeveless chiton, moves swiftly to the right. She makes a step, reaching her arms around behind her and clasping them together to support the left knee of the nude, youthful winged Eros, who is mounting on her back. Blindfolded by his hands, she stumbles towards the target, the dioros, a peculiarly contoured rock or pile of stones. In the field hangs a fillet or scarf. In front of the woman on the ground lies a white object, perhaps an incense burner. Besides her drapery the woman wears a necklace and bracelets of white beads.

Side B: Seated woman and draped youth. At the right is a seated woman, facing left. She wears a long, sleeveless chiton, a necklace and bracelets of white beads. On her right hand perches a bird. The contour of the rock on which she sits is suggested by a line of white dots. In the field over her head is a circular object, a ball(?). Before her stands a youth with a chlamys draped shawl-fashion over his arm, but otherwise nude. He wears a white fillet around his head and holds a strigil in his left hand.

On the lip from handle to handle on both sides an egg-and-dot pattern occurs. Under the handles there are elaborate palmettes and blossoms linked by tendrils.

Shape Description:

Broad body narrows steeply to a disk foot. The upper surface of the foot slopes downward.

Material Description:

Fine, rosy-brown clay

Collection History:

Formerly in Warren collection, and purchased by him in Paris (Warren's no. BB 300.3. Purchased, 1925.

Sources Used:

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Other Bibliography:

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