Side B: detail of floral ornament

Side A: oblique view from right

Handle: side A to right

Side B: oblique view from left

Side A: detail of whorl shell

Side A

Collection: Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design
Summary: Stylized plant patterns and murex shells.
Ware: Mycenaean
Date: ca. 1350 BC - ca. 1200 BC

H. 0.196 m., D. 0.223 m.

Shape: Kylix
Ceramic Phase: Late Helladic IIIB
Period: Late Bronze Age

Decoration Description:

On cup, three large stylized floral designs, with spirals connected by arches. Between floral designs, murex shells. Patterns identical on both sides of cup. Black bands on stem of cup.

Sources Used:

Ashmead & Phillips 1976, no. 2

Other Bibliography:

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