Plan, Samos, Temple C

Context: Samos, Heraion
Type: Temple
Summary: Temple C, immediately N of main altar in Sanctuary of Hera, Samos
Date: 550 BC - 500 BC

Archaic cella was 5.9 x ca. 8.5 m. (inner dimensions) and the pronaos was as much as 8.2 m. long

Region: Sporades
Period: Archaic


A peripteral (6 x 11) temple, distyle in antis, probably of Ionic order. Colonnade stood on separate foundations, not on stylobate. Uncertain if antae extended to front of structure (as reconstructed) or if there were 6 columns along the front--as along the back. Double row of columns stood inside the deep pronaos and possibly inside the cella as well (not shown on reconstruction).


The late Archaic temple was radically rebuilt (with new cella and pronaos) in Roman era, ca. 1st c. A.D.

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