Plan, Samos, Great Hera Temple

Temple remains from west, Samos, Great Hera Temple

Single standing column of Hera temple, Samos, Great Hera Temple

Context: Samos, Heraion
Type: Temple
Summary: The Great Hera Temple is opposite the cult altar in the Sanctuary of Hera at Samos
Date: 510 BC - 460 BC

Stylobate: 55.16 x 108.63 m. Column height: ca. 20 m.

Region: Sporades
Period: Archaic/Classical


A dipteral (double colonnade) temple with a 3rd row of columns at front and back (3 rows of 8 along front and 3 rows of 9 along back). Ionic order. Pronaos and cella divided into 3 aisles by two rows of columns. Steps at front added in Roman period.


Construction lasted over a century and possibly never completed. Built as part of the tyrant Polykrates' building campaign over the earlier dipteral temple of architects Rhoikos and Theodoros. Stood in ruins by 170 A.D.

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See Also: Samos, Hera Temple of Rhoikos and Theodoros