Architectural molding details of altar fragments, Samos, Main Altar

Section of NW Anta of Main Altar, Samos

Plan, Samos, Main Altar

Restacked fragments of marble architectural molding, Samos, Main Altar

Context: Samos, Heraion
Type: Altar
Summary: Monumental altar in center of Sanctuary of Hera
Date: 560 BC - 550 BC

Foundations: 16.5 x 36.5 m.

Region: Sporades
Period: Archaic


A three-sided open-air platform with a broad staircase in antis on its west side. N and S walls serve as antae with sculptured pilaster capitals (see 3 details).


At least 7 earlier altars beneath present structure, the oldest dating to the Late Bronze Age. The limestone of the Archaic altar (possibly built by Rhoikos) was replaced with marble in early Roman period and the Archaic reliefs were copied in the old style.

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