Interior of Temple E, Selinus

Overall view of the temple, from SW, Temple E, Selinus

Overview of temple, looking SE, Selinus, Temple E

Architectural block, Temple E, Selinus

Overall view of the east temple group with Temple E (left) and Temple F (r...

E front of temple, looking NE, Selinus, Temple E

Context: Selinus
Type: Temple
Summary: The southernmost of the east group of temples at Selinus, this is a Doric temple probably dedicated to Hera.
Date: ca. 490 BC - ca. 470 BC

68.72 x 25.33

Period: Early Classical

Architectural Order:



This is hexastyle peripteral with 15 columns to the side, probably set within a temenos, as suggested by a recently discovered wall. Its plan comprises pronaos, cella, adyton, and opisthodomos in antis.


Four of the metopes were discovered in 1831. Toppled by an earthquake, its colonnades were recontructed in 1958.

Other Notes:

In the adyton stands the base for the cult statue of the patron deity, probably Hera. The pronaos frieze carried sculptural metopes, four of which are in the Palermo Museum.

Sources Used:

PECS, 823-5

Other Bibliography:

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