Overall view of the east temple group with Temple E (left), Temple F (cent...

Overview of cella, sondage, earlier pavement, Selinus, Temple F

Overall view of the temple with Temple E in background at left, from NE, S...

Detail of the crepidoma below the N peristyle, from NW, Selinus, Temple F

North peristyle of the temple with Temple E in background, from N, Selinus...

Cornice block, Selinus, Temple F

Context: Selinus
Type: Temple
Summary: The earliest of the three temples in the east group, east of the city, situated between Temple E and Temple G.
Date: ca. 550 BC

61.83 x 25.33

Period: Archaic


This was a hexastyle temple with 14 columns on the side with a pronaos, calla, adyton, but no opisthodomos.


At a certain time in the city's history, the Selinuntines built three temples on the hill to the east of the city and acropolis, beyond the river Cottone. The middle of the 6th century B.C. marked the start of this construction, since this is the date attributed to the oldest of the three, Temple F.

Other Notes:

This temple was most likely dedicated to Athena or Dionysios.

Sources Used:

PECS, 823-5

Other Bibliography:

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