Plan, Sounion, Shipsheds

Context: Sounion
Type: Shipshed
Summary: Rectangular structure; on the western shore of the peninsula, at the end of the fortification wall.
Date: ca. 300 BC - ca. 100 BC

20.5 m x 11.5 m; slipways: 2.6 m at surface and narrowed to 1.15 m at bottom; total depth of slipways: 1.25 m.

Region: Attica
Period: Hellenistic


Gable-roofed rectangular structures, with slipways (parallel floors, with slots cut to accommodate trireme keels), that descended into the water at an angle of 15 degrees 50'.


The shipsheds were incorporated into the fortification walls. Slipways cradled and protected the keel and undersides of ship when it was hauled from the water.

Other Bibliography:

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See Also: Piraeus, Shipsheds