Aerial view, from NW, Sounion, Propylon to the Sanctuary of Poseidon, Temp...

Plan, Sounion, Temple of Athena

Context: Sounion
Type: Temple
Summary: Temple with L-shaped colonnade; in the Sanctuary of Athena Sounias.
Date: ca. 470 BC - 450 BC

Cella: 16.4 m x 11.6 m; east wing: 14.62 m x 2.94 m; south wing: 19.18 m x 3.18 m.

Region: Attica
Period: Early Classical


Ionic temple opening east with columns on 2 sides only, 10 columns along the east and 12 on the south. Interior had 4 columns arranged in a square in the center with a grille between the rear 2 columns separating the statue base in the west end of the cella from the east end.


Built on foundations of, and using material from the earlier temple. The Ionic colonnade on 2 sides was an addition from later in the 5th century B.C.

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