Aerial view, from NW, Sounion, Propylon to the Sanctuary of Poseidon, Temp...

Plan, Sounion, Wall of Sanctuary of Athena Sounias

Context: Sounion
Type: Peribolos Wall
Summary: Two-part irregular shaped wall; northeast of the fortress, surrounding the Sanctuary of Athena Sounias.
Date: ca. 600 BC - 500 BC

Surface area: 350 sq. m.

Region: Attica
Period: Archaic


On the northern side an irregularly shaped enclosure, intersecting with a nearly rectangular wall.


The temenos is older than that of Poseidon. The more regular, southern peribolos wall may be contemporary with the Older Temple of Athena, although it had later additions or rebuildings. The northern, loosely built peribolos wall probably defined an open air sanctuary containing no buildings.

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