Side A: horses of chariot in foreground

Side A: horses of leading chariot in background

Side B: upper body of standing man at left

Side B, shoulder: reclining man at right

Side B: overview

Side view: birds near handle, side B to left

Collection: Tampa Museum of Art
Summary: Side A: two racing chariotsSide B: two men and two women. Shoulders: symposium scenes
Ware: Attic Black Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Group of Louvre F 314
Date: ca. 520 BC - ca. 500 BC

H. 0.24 m.

Primary Citation: ABV, 696, 388.2 bis; Para, 170.2 bis
Shape: Stamnos
Beazley Number: 306630
Period: Late Archaic

Decoration Description:

Side A: two racing four-horse chariots or quadrigas. At left, charioteers in a chariot are looking at each other, with the lead charioteer looking back. Both hold reins and a goad. They wear long white chitons and have red hair. The charioteer at left has his body bisected by the handle. The horses are at full gallop, with their forelegs raised in the air. Below the lead horses runs a dog, also with forepaws in the air. The lead chariot is met at right by two eagles. Another eagle flies above the lead team, and a fourth is at the left. Eagles are seen also above and under the handle. The trace horses have red dots on their chest straps. Five of the eight horses have red manes. One of the pole horses in lead team is white. Shoulder: symposium scene with reclining man and woman. The man has a red beard and wears a red-spotted himation. There are white stripes on his mattress. The woman, with white skin, wears a sakkos, tunic, and himation with red dots and white rosettes. Two cloths hang in the field above.

Side B: Two groups, each composed of a standing man holding a staff and a seated woman. The men have red beards and ivy wreaths. They gesture towards the women with their left hands. The women have white skin and wear red fillets. All four wear himations decorated with red spots and white rosettes. The women also wear peploi and sit on stools. The women look down and hold up their cloaks in their right hands. The man at right leans over farther and reaches out farther than the one at left. Grape vines branch out from the hands and bodies of the women. Shoulder: symposium scene with woman reclining between two reclining men. The men wear wreaths and himations with red spots and white rosettes. The man at right looks right and gestures with his right hand. The woman has white skin and a red fillet. She wears a tunic and a cloak like the men. In the field above hang three fillets and a wreath.

There is a red fillet below the neck and simple black tongues around the upper shoulder. Over each handle are five linked palmettes. There are dot bands below the scene above a tall zone of rays.


Large *K on base.

Collection History:

Tampa Museum of Art, Joseph Veach Noble Collection.

Other Bibliography:

Philippaki 1967, pp. 18, 21, pls. 9:4, 13:1.