Upper body of seated woman

Shoulder: fighting hoplites

Man with purse and staff

Side view

Purse in man's hand


Collection: Tampa Museum of Art
Summary: Body: seated woman in porch with youth and two menShoulder: fighting hoplites
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Harrow Painter
Context: Said to be from Vulci
Date: ca. 480 BC

H. 0.458 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 276, no. 70.
Shape: Hydria
Beazley Number: 202666
Region: Etruria
Period: Late Archaic/Early Classical

Decoration Description:

Body: a woman sits on a stool (diphros) at left and holds a mirror. She wears a chiton, a himation, and a sakkos. In front of her to right is a mantled youth wearing a red fillet. Behind hangs an alabastron on cords. These two figures are in a porch supported by an Aeolic column and topped with a Doric frieze (metopes and triglyphs) above mutules with pronounced guttae. Outside approach two males; the nearest is bearded and wears a himation and red wreath. He leans on a staff and holds a purse. Behind him is a draped youth, also facing left. Between the men hangs a sponge, strigil, and aryballos with red cord.

Shoulder: three fighting hoplites. At left, a hoplite runs right, carrying a spear and shield with three dotted circles as a device. At the center, a hoplite (attacked by others) lunges to the right and looks back to left with his sword and shield. At right, a hoplite runs to left with a spear and shield whose device is three circles with central dots. Attic helmets, cuirasses and short chitons are seen here.

There are black tongues at the shoulder. Below the body scene are meanders and cross squares. At the sides is a net pattern. Between the body and shoulder scenes are running esses.

Shape Description:

High swung vertical handle, upturned side handles, and ogival foot.


On shield of hoplite at right on shoulder: *K*O*A*O*N*S

Collection History:

Tampa Museum of Art, Joseph Veach Noble Collection.