Fragments of fluted column drums from Apollo Temple, Thermon

North end of the Temple of Apollo, from SE, Thermon

East side and foundation of E cella wall of Temple of Apollo, from N, Ther...

Threshold and three column bases at N end of Temple of Apollo, from S, The...

East side of Temple of Apollo, from N, Thermon

Isometric drawing of Corinthian type roof tiles, Thermon, Temple of Apollo

Context: Thermon
Type: Temple
Summary: Narrow peripteral temple; at the northern end of the Sanctuary of Apollo Thermios.
Date: ca. 630 BC - ca. 610 BC

Foundation: ca. 40 m x ca. 13 m.

Region: Aetolia
Period: Archaic


Doric peripteral temple, 5 x 15 columns, with two-aisled cella opening south directly onto the peristyle. The first of the 10 interior columns stood in the space between the antae of the cella. Opisthodomos with 2 columns on the north.


Built over the remains of Megaron B. The wooden columns were later replaced by stone. Northwest of the temple may have been a small Temple of Apollo Lyseios, and to the east, a small Temple of Artemis.

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