Side B: javelin thrower on far right

Side B: javelin thrower on near right

Interior: view from above

Tondo: trainer, upper half

Side A: boxer on near left, upper half

Side B: javelin thrower on left

Collection: Toledo Museum of Art
Summary: Tondo: boxer and trainer. Side A: boxers; side B: javelin-throwers.
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Triptolemos Painter
Date: ca. 490 BC

h. 13.5 cm; d. of rim 32.3 cm; w. with handles 41.0 cm; d. of foot 12.2 cm.

Primary Citation: CVA, USA 17, Toledo 1
Shape: Kylix
Period: Late Archaic

Decoration Description:

Interior: Boxer and trainer. Exterior, Side A: boxers. Side B: javelin-throwers. Graffito underneath foot: X. For detailed information on condition and description of scene, with discussion of and bibliography for iconography, see CVA, 33.

The Triptolemos Painter decorated both large vases and cups. He is connected with the cup-painter Douris by a signature, by certain aspects of subsidiary decoration and by potterwork (ARV2, 360). There is evidence that he worked for the potters Euphronios, Python, Brygos, and, in the case of the Toledo cup, for Hieron. In this cup one can see both his careless and his careful work: contrast the drawing of the meander bordering the tondo and that of his figure work. On other cups, in scenes of the palaestra, the Triptolemos Painter shows athletes jumping, athletes throwing the discus, and athletes victorious.


Graffito underneath foot: X


Moon No. 103

Collection History:

gift of Edward Drummond Libbey

Sources Used:

Moon 1979, no.103, pp. 182-183

Other Bibliography:

CVA, USA 17, Toledo 1, pls. 51 and 52, pp. 32-34 (with further bibliography), figs. 8, 9, and 12.