Main panel: fountain with crow perched on top

Main panel: tree behind fountain

Shoulder: floral decoration

Overview: handle rear

Main panel: Polyxena, upper half

Overview: handle left

Collection: Toledo Museum of Art
Summary: Achilles and Polyxena at the fountain.
Ware: Attic Black Figure, White Ground
Painter: Attributed to the Athena Painter
Date: ca. 500 BC - ca. 490 BC

H. 0.28 m., d. rim 0.053 m., d. shoulder 0.093 m., d. foot 0.067 m.

Primary Citation: ABV, 523, 5
Shape: Lekythos
Period: Late Archaic


Parts of Polyxena's right arm and right leg, the mid-section of the rock, and much of Achilles's helmet-crest and right upper arm are repainted.

Decoration Description:

Achilles and Polyxena at the fountain. Polyxena is walking right to a lion's-head spout above a rock that contains the fountain. A hydria is set under the spout to catch the water gushing out. It splashes onto Polyxena's hand before entering the container. On top of the fountain a crow is sitting, while a snake is lying alongside it. Behind the fountain rises a tree with leaves spreading left above the lion's head spout, and right above the head of crouching Achilles. Ready to ambush, he is largely hidden by his shield, with his right leg extended beyond it.

Polyxena is dressed in fillet and chiton; Achilles wears a Corinthian helmet, chitoniskos, metal corslet and baldric with attached scabbard. His shield device is a tripod. Polyxena's fillet, belt and skirt hem have added red, as do the snake, the shield device and a band on the helmet crest. White appears on the shoulder as well as the ground of the main panel.

At the base of the neck is a groove above narrow bands enclosing a ring of thin tongues. A central pendant palmette, flanked on either side by palmette pairs pointing upward and outward, appears on the shoulder. The border of the main panel comprises a single black band on top of a net pattern, itself on top of two bands. The bottom of the main panel is marked by two bands in added red.

Sources Used:

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