Main panel: woman with mirror

Main panel: kalathos

Main panel: first woman on diphros

Main panel: second woman on diphros

Main panel: third diphros

Main panel: floral decoration on lid

Collection: Toledo Museum of Art
Summary: Group of women
Ware: Attic Red Figure, White Ground
Painter: Attributed to the Painter of London D 12
Date: ca. 470 BC - ca. 460 BC

H. to knob on lid 0.12 m., h. to rim 0.085 m., d. lid 0.105 m., d. rim 0.083 m., d. body at base 0.115 m., d. foot 0.077 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 1675.94 bis; Para, 434
Shape: Pyxis
Period: Early Classical

Decoration Description:

Main panel: a group of women. With the interior setting designated by a single unfluted column, abacus, and echinus, the scene to the column's right begins with a woman sitting on a diphros, facing right and juggling three apples. Like all the figures, this woman is wearing a chiton and himation. In front of her on the ground sits a wool basket. On the other side of the basket a second woman stands facing the first and catching or holding a fourth apple. A wreath is hanging on the wall behind the second woman; on its other side sits a third woman on a diphros facing right. Her arms appear muffled in her himation; she looks at a fourth woman who stands facing her and offers her an apple in her outstretched hand. A second basket of wool sits between them on the floor, and on the wall behind hangs a pair of sandals. A third diphros with a plump striped cushion is placed behind the fourth woman, and on its other side stands a fifth woman facing left and holding a large mirror in her right hand.

All the women's hair is long, falling over their necks, except that of the first, who wears a neat bun. All the himatia are reddish brown in color, while the rest of the scene is in black glaze, some solid like the hair of the women, some dilute brown like the chiton folds. The design of the diphroi is the same, but the second is solid black, and the other two are drawn in outline only.

The pyxis interior is glazed. The outer flange, the underside of the lid, and the stem of the knob are covered with a red wash. The resting surface of the disk foot is reserved and its inner face is glazed. The bottom of the pyxis is reserved and red.

The vessel's lid is flat with a domed knob. The lid is decorated with a wreath of red-figure olive leaves and berries, with each leaf's spine in black glaze.

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