Handle above lid: wave and flame decoration

Handle: left of main panel

Handle attachment: molded leaves

Main panel: woman on right

Main panel: scene at center

Main panel: woman on left, upper half

Collection: Toledo Museum of Art
Summary: Main panel: three women. Lid: head and shoulders of a woman.
Ware: Centuripe
Date: ca. 299 BC - ca. 200 BC

H. with lid 0.635 m., h. to rim 0.376 m., d. with handles 0.444 m., d. rim 0.305 m., d. foot 0.15 m., d. lid 0.302 m.

Shape: Krater
Period: Hellenistic


Paint losses and a thin layer of mud are apparent throughout.

Decoration Description:

Main panel: three women. In the center, a woman is seated, with her body facing front and her head facing right. To left and right other women stand, the left-hand woman holding a fan and the right-hand with a parasol. Although detail is not overly clear, the women are clothed, with necklaces, armbands and bracelets. The top of the main panel is bounded by a gilded band of bead and reel. Above this is another band of molded and gilded triglyphs and Erotes. Just under the rim a row of rectangles is outlined in black. Two molded and gilded leaves appear at the base of the triple handles, and under these are two tall fiddle head scrolls on either side. At the base of the vessel is a ring of molded acanthus leaves with bent tips, alternating with small round knobs. The white foot and stand are decorated with a net pattern in pink.

The background for the main panel is pink; the figures are white. The hair, facial features, and jewelry of all three women are brown. Large and small pink chevrons fill the handle spaces on both sides. The other side of the vase is undecorated.

Lid: head and shoulders of a woman. The woman is depicted against a pink background. Her garment is white, while her features, hair, and necklace are brown. The hollow handle at the top is white, decorated above with a black wave pattern between black bands and underneath with black pendent rays. Between these decorative bands the spaces were gilded, as were the base of the handle and the outer edge of the lid. The back of the lid is undecorated.

Shape Description:

Krater with lid.

Sources Used:

CVA, USA fasc. 20, p. 32, pls. 119-120

Other Bibliography:

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