Collection: Patras Archaeological Museum
Title: Statuette copy of Nemesis of Rhamnous
Findspot: Found at Velvitsi
Summary: Statuette copy of Nemesis of Rhamnous
Object Function: Unknown
Material: Marble
Sculpture Type: Free-standing statue
Category: Original/copies
Style: High Classical
Technique: In-the-round
Original or Copy: Copy
Original: Cult statue of Nemesis of Rhamnous
Dimensions: H. 0.79 m
Scale: Under life-size
Region: Achaia
Period: Roman

Condition: Single piece

Condition Description: One piece, preserving entire torso, missing head (inserted separately into neck), feet, and both forearms; hole for insertion of tenon just above elbow joint of right arm (diam. 0.008 m; D. 0.007 m) and a similar hole (diam. 0.007 m) on the left arm, in which a rusted bronze nail (?) has been embedded; rough-picked on neck join; worn heavily on all sides, especially down the right front, with dark gray and light brown stains; some pencil marks on the chest; black paint on the left edge of the himation; some rust stains on the back.

Material Description: White marble

Sources Used: Smith 1997, cat. S 2k; Despinis 1971, 32 no. 11, pl. 51.1-4; Despinis 1966a, 224 no. 10.