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Tondo: youth playing aulos, from the thighs down

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Tondo: youth playing aulos

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Tondo: youth playing aulos, from the knees up

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Youth playing aulos before altar

Collection: Yale University Art Gallery
Summary: Komast at altar
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Brygos Painter
Context: From Vulci
Date: ca. 480 BC - ca. 470 BC

H as restored 0.098 m.; width with handles 0.28 m.; D bowl 0.208 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 377, 105
Shape: Kylix
Region: Etruria
Period: Late Archaic


Minor losses along the breaks.

Decoration Description:

In the tondo, a young man stands beside an altar, playing a double flute (aulos). The figure is nude, except for a voluminous himation or chlamys draped over his left shoulder and hanging down behind him, nearly to his ankles. He leans back as he plays, against a staff that protrudes from his drapery and rests against the tondo border, and he carries a large provision basket held with red cords over his left shoulder. He wears sideburns but no beard, and a red vine wreath encircles his short black hair. He is enfibulated. To the right of his leading foot, and behind it from the viewer's point of view, stands the short altar, with red flames rising from it. The exterior is undecorated.

Beazley considered this a late work by the Brygos Painter, because of the lack of exterior decoration, and he noted (ARV2, 377) that the cup recalls the Foundry Painter. A similar flautist leaning back appears on a cup by the Foundry Painter formerly in Berlin (Berlin F 3198; ARV2, 402, 13). The komast carrying a provision basket over his shoulder and playing a lyre or a double flute is a characteristic figure in komos scenes, as, for example, on a cup by the Brygos Painter in Copenhagen (Copenhagen, National Museum 3880; ARV2, 373, 36). A flautist who like the Yale komast is nude except for a chlamys appears with a basket and walking stick in the tondo of a cup by the Brygos Painter in London (London E 271; ARV2, 372, 29), while another, this time fully enveloped in a himation and shod in boots, stands next to a symposion couch on a Brygos Painter cup in the Louvre (Louvre G 313; ARV2, 377, 106), confirming the relation of these figures to the symposion. The flaming altar in connection with such figures, however, is unusual.

Shape Description:

Type B kylix.


In the field: *K*A*L*O*S, "(he is) beautiful" twice.

Collection History:

Paul Arndt Collection; purchased for Yale by Rebecca Darlington Stoddard.

Sources Used:

ARV2, 368-86, 400-405; Para., 365-71; Beazley Addenda 2, 224-32; Cambitoglou 1968

Other Bibliography:

Max Wegner, Brygosmaler (Berlin, 1973); Robertson 1992, 93-100