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Side B: man at right, extended right arm

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Side B: boy at center, head and chest

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Side B, lip and neck: lotus, palmette and ivy patterns

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Side A: far right boy, upper half

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Side A: scene at center

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Side A: near left boy, from the waist up

Collection: Yale University Art Gallery
Summary: Side A: Two pairs of male figuresSide B: Two youths and a boy
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Agrigento Painter
Attributed By: J.D. Beazley
Context: From near Taras
Date: ca. 470 BC - ca. 450 BC
Dimensions: H. 0.39 m; Diam. (mouth) 0.26 m; Diam. (handles) 0.34 m
Primary Citation: ARV2, 576, no. 45.
Shape: Column krater
Beazley Number: 206646
Region: Apulia
Period: Early Classical

Condition: The vase remains without repairs or restorations, but the surface has been dulled by the effect of salts. A dark horizontal line--perhaps original--mars the lower right portion of the scene on side A.

Decoration Description:

Side A: Two pairs of men and boys. The men, standing at left in each pair, are distinguished by their height and each wear a himation draped over the shoulder. The boys are entirely enveloped in their himatia. The first man, bearded, leans on a staff, gesticulates with his left hand, and in his right hand holds an apple, which he presumably gives to the boy. The third figure, a slightly younger (unbearded) man, also leans on a staff, holds his right hand on his hip, and raises a hare (another gift) in his left hand. A strigil (oil scraper) appears above, between the two pairs.

Side B: A boy, similarly wrapped in his himation, stands profile to the right. He is surrounded on both sides by unbearded youths, with himatia draped over their left shoulders, and staffs. The one on the left rests his right hand on his hip while the one on the right holds his right hand out to the boy.

Preliminary sketch lines are visible on the first and third figures on side A.

Inscriptions: Kalos inscriptions between the third and fourth figures on side A and between the second and third figures on side B.

Collection History: Gift of Allison V. Armour, B.A. 1884. Formerly in the collection of Thomas B. Clarke.

Sources Used: Burke & Matheson 1975, 61-63 no. 53 (ill.)

Other Bibliography: YaleBull 7 (1935) 10-11; Clarke 1917, no. 373; Morgan 1909, pl. 4.139