Aerial view from SW, Eleusis, Greater Propylon, Lesser Propylon, Stoa of t...

Overall view from W, Eleusis, Greater Propylon

Bust of Antoninus Pius from pediment, Eleusis, Greater Propylon

Overall view from SW, Eleusis, Greater Propylon

Plan, Eleusis, Greater Propylon

Context: Eleusis
Type: Gate
Summary: Gate building; northeastern gate to the Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore.
Date: ca. 170 AD - ca. 180 AD
Region: Attica
Period: Roman


Doric hexastyle amphiprostyle building approached by 6 steps on the east. Continuing from the east, an Ionic inner colonnade of 6 columns divided the building into 3 aisles. Beyond, was a cross wall pierced by 5 doorways. The central passage between the columns and through the doors was wider than the side passages.


Probably built by Marcus Aurelius on the same site as an earlier gate from the time of Kimon. It copied the central form of the Mnesiklean Propylaia in Athens.

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