Asteas' calyx krater: Drawing of side A, showing a phlyax play (three...

Asteas' calyx krater: Drawing of side A (detail), showing a phlyax pl...

Collection: Berlin, Antikenmuseen
Summary: Phlyax scenes. Side A: three male figures (Gynmilos, Kosios, and Karion) robbing a miser (Charinos) inside his house, with two female masks above; Side B: Dionysos and a satyr
Ware: Paestan Red Figure
Painter: Signed by Asteas
Context: From S. Agata dei Goti
Date: ca. 350 BC - ca. 340 BC
Dimensions: H. 0.37 m; Diam. (max.) 0.36 m
Primary Citation: Trendall 1987, 2.125, pl. 44
Shape: Calyx krater
Period: Late Classical

Inscriptions: Asteas' signature appears in white letters above the figural scene, below an ivy tendril: *A*S*S*T*E*A*S *E*G*R*A*F*S[*E*N]

The figures on side A are labelled (from left to right): *G*U*M*N*I*L*O*S, *C*A*R*I*N*O*S, *K*W*S*I*O*S, *K*A*R*I*O*N

Other Bibliography: Trendall & Cambitoglou 1982, no. 2/125, pl. 44; FR pl. 150; Trendall & Webster 1971, no. IV, 14.