53 Buildings whose Context is Athens

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Plan, Athens, Eschara

Heliaia, from S, Athens

South Stoa and Stoa of Attalos; Heliaia at lower left, from W, Athens

Plan, Athens, House of the Arrephoroi

Southwest corner of house (modern restoration), from S, Athens, House of t...

Northeast corner of house, from NW, Athens, House of the Marbleworkers

Plan, Athens, Kallirrhoe (SW Fountainhouse)

Plan, Athens, Later Temple of Dionysos

Plan, Athens, Law Court (Square Peristyle)

Plan, ca. last quarter of 5th c BC, Athens, Law Courts

Plan, Athens, Law Courts

Plan, Athens, Leokoreion

View from Tholos (lower left), across the E side of the Metroon, toward N ...

Overall view from NE, Athens, Metroon
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