52 Buildings whose Period is Classical

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Detail of the cella masonry with N peristyle of the temple in foreground, ...

Overview of W front of temple, from N looking S, Akragas, Temple of Concord

Column capitals and entablature of the N peristyle, from NE, Temple of Her...

Altar E of the temple, from NW, Temple of Hera, Akragas, Agrigento

East side of N portico, from E, Athens, Erechtheion

Entablature of E side of N portico, from E, Athens, Erechtheion

Plan, ca. last quarter of 5th c BC, Athens, Law Courts

Plan, Athens, Law Courts

Plan, Athens, Leokoreion

Remains of mint from N, Athens, Mint

Plan, Athens, Mint

Entrance and foundation stones for the E-W front colonnade, from W, Athens...

South section of New Bouleuterion with Propylon at lower left, from E, Ath...

Marble architectural fragment debris S of Parthenon, Athens

Architectural fragments E of Parthenon, Athens

Plan, Athens, Periclean Entrance Court

Ionic capital, Athens, Propylaia

Front of Parthenon with Propylaia in distance, from E, Athens, Acropolis
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