5 Buildings whose Period is Hellenistic/Roman

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Medusa head frieze of 2nd century A.D. from the architrave, Didyma, Hellen...

Cross-section of NE end of adyton, with great flight of stairs and molding...

View from E side of former harbor toward S to North Market, Miletus

Overall view of North Market, from N, Miletus

Overall view of stage building and rooms behind, from NW top of Theater, M...

Pier supports for stage floor, from NW, Miletus, Theater

Center: Temple of Zeus; bottom: Prytaneion; plain beyond, from N-NE, Priene

Overall view of building, from SE, Priene, Prytaneion

East parados, from W, Priene, Theater

Proscenium and cavea, from E-SE, Priene, Theater