31 Buildings whose Period is Late Classical

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Southwest end from SW, Amphiaraion, Stoa

Plan, Amphiaraion, Stoa

Statue bases from W, Amphiaraion, Temple of Amphiaraios

Plan, Amphiaraion, Terrace of Dedications

Plan, Athens, Doric Stoa near Theater of Dionysos

South section of the (reconstructed) statue base, from SW, Athens, Eponymo...

South section of the (reconstructed) statue base, from NW, Athens, Eponymo...

Plan, Athens, Kallirrhoe (SW Fountainhouse)

Plan, Athens, Later Temple of Dionysos

Plan, Athens, Sanctuary of Dionysos Eleuthereus

Plan, Athens, Temple of Zeus and Athena

Right part of inscription from temple of Zeus Phratrios and Athena Phratri...

Plan of Theater of Dionysos and Earlier Temple of Dionysos, c. second half...

Plan, Athens, Theater of Dionysos

Plan, Delos, Keraton
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