388 Coins whose Material is Bronze

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Reverse: Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus, shaking hands, holding a statue...

Obverse: Confronting busts of Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus

Reverse: Roma seated

Obverse: Draped bust of Hadrian

Reverse: Asklepios of Pergamon, Tyche of Mytilene, and Artemis of Ephesos

Obverse: Laureate bust of Zeus

Reverse: Fides standing between two military standards

Obverse: Laureate bust of Macrinus

Obverse: Laureate bust of Caracalla

Reverse: Emperor in the Forum of Laodikea, delivering a speech
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Obverse: Laureate bust of Septimius Severus

Reverse: The god Men (M&eacute), wearing eastern dress, on horseback

Obverse: Laureate bust of Septimius Severus

Reverse: The rape of Persephone by Hades, in a quadriga; basket of flowers...

Obverse: Bust of Marcus Aurelius

Reverse: Alexander III resting against his shield, under a plane tree, wit...

Reverse: Antinous as a herdsman or Hermes, with an ox

Obverse: Draped bust of Antinous
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