388 Coins whose Material is Bronze

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Obverse: Radiate bust of Trajan

Reverse: Draped Fortuna

Obverse: Head of Hadrian

Reverse: Roma and Hadrian standing

Obverse: Laureate bust of Trajan

Reverse: Helmeted Roma

Obverse: Head of Claudius

Reverse: Libertas with a pileus

Obverse: Head of an eagle, profile to the left

Reverse: Claw of a crab

Obverse: Eagle with open wings, standing on mullet

Reverse: Crab holding snake in left claw, below, octopus and murex; around...

Reverse: Kithara; in left and right field, six pellets

Obverse: Within a border of dots, the laureate head of Apollo, profile to ...

Reverse: Legend with pellets. Border of dots.

Obverse: Hephaistos, seated to the right, with kantharos and hammer
... 36 37 38 39