15 Coins whose Region is Cilicia

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Reverse: Sandan standing on the back of a horned lion

Obverse: Radiate bust of Maximinus

Obverse: Gorgoneion

Reverse: Sphinx with curled wing seated profile to the left, wearing a pol...

Obverse: Dismounting horseman, profile to the right

Reverse: Goat kneeling, profile to the right, head reverted

Reverse: Goat kneeling, profile to the right, head reverted

Obverse: Forepart of winged horse, profile to the right

Reverse: Swan standing profile to the left; in left field, a fish, downwar...

Obverse: Winged young male deity, with scroll headdress, running profile t...

Reverse: Dionysos standing facing, holding kantharos and thyrsos; in left ...

Obverse: Aphrodite seated to the left, holding a phiale; in right field, E...

Reverse: Bunch of grapes; all in incuse square; in right field, fly

Obverse: Amazon kneeling profile to the left, sighting along bow

Reverse: Bunch of grapes

Obverse: Head of Amazon, profile to the left

Reverse: Bunch of grapes; in left field, a leaf

Obverse: Head of Athena, profile to the right, wearing Attic helmet; on bo...

Reverse: Helmeted head of warrior, profile to the left

Obverse: Facing female head
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