12 Coins whose Region is Crete

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Reverse: Labyrinth of maeander pattern

Obverse: Minotaur running to the left

Reverse: Minos seated profile to the left, with scepter and phiale; around...

Obverse: Female head (Britomartis, Pasiphae, or Ariadne), profile to the l...

Obverse: Tortoise

Reverse: Incuse square with five compartments; in one, crescent; in anothe...

Reverse: Hound facing left, with head turned to the right, suckling the in...

Obverse: Helmeted head of Athena, profile to the right

Obverse: Europa seated side saddle on a bull, profile the to the right

Reverse: Lion scalp within linear frame in incuse square

Obverse: Recumbent bull, profile to the right, with reverted head

Reverse: Lion scalp within linear frame in incuse square

Reverse: Bull standing to the right, head reverted; below, star

Obverse: Half-draped Europa, seated (in a tree) in 3/4-view to the right, ...

Reverse: Star within laurel wreath

Obverse: Bearded sea god with fishtail, profile to the right, holding a th...

Reverse: Boar's head, profile to the right, within incuse square; bor...

Obverse: Eagle flying to the left, wings spread

Reverse: Lion scalp in incuse square

Obverse: Europa riding side saddle on the bull, profile to the left
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