6 Coins whose Region is Egypt

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Obverse: Trajan, laureate

Reverse: Demeter, standing, with torch and grain sheaf faces a seated figu...

Reverse: Trajan in elephant quadriga

Obverse: Trajan laureate

Obverse: Diademed bust of Valeria

Reverse: Venus standing, holding apple and drapery

Reverse: Eagle standing profile to the left, on a thunderbolt; in left fie...

Obverse: Diademed head of Ptolemy, profile to the right

Reverse: Busts of Ptolemy I and Berenice I, profile to the right. Border o...

Obverse: Within a border of dots, the busts of Ptolemy II and Arsinoe II, ...

Obverse: Head of Arsinoe II wearing a stephane and a veil; border of dots

Reverse: Double cornucopia bound with fillet; border of dots.