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Bartlett Head, detail of eyes from left

Bartlett Head, detail of hair from back

Boston Bronze Kouros Statuette, left profile, detail

Boston Bronze Kouros Statuette, right profile

Mantiklos, right profile

Mantiklos, detail of head, neck and shoulders: from left

Woman with Mirror Stele, head and torso from right

Woman with Mirror Stele, detail showing veil

Hermes Kriophoros, left profile

Hermes Kriophoros, detail of sheep

Stele of Stratokles, detail of soldier on left

Stele of Stratokles, general view

Votive Relief, Side B: the god Men and worshippers, detail of Men

Votive Relief, Side A: Helios in chariot, detail of head of horse

Lekythos of Philinna, Phanostratos standing at right

Lekythos of Philinna, Philinna seated (detail)

Relief to Two Divinities, detail of worshippers from right

Relief to Two Divinities, divinities at right

Stele with young seated girl, frontal view

Stele with young seated girl, detail of right side of stele
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