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View from highest point on the promontory toward N, Abdera

Irregular block on S side of city gate, from N-NE, Abdera

Kolonna promontory (site of ancient city) from S, Aegina City

General view of site, from SE, Aegina City

Top of S wall from SE tower, with Bay of Aigosthena beyond

North half of E wall from SE, Aigosthena

Ekklesiasterion at Agrigento, from SW. Akragas, Ekklesiasterion, Agrigento.

Crepidoma at SE corner of the temple, from SE, Temple of Asklepios, Akraga...

Interior door and lintel of Macedonian tomb SE of Amphipolis, from S

South section of gymnasium at Amphipolis, from N-NE

Sanctuary of Apollo and Athena, later Byzantine remains near rock-cut step...

Sanctuary of Apollo and Athena, walls, Argos

Modern water front at ancient harbor of Assos, from SW

View from Temple of Athena on Assos acropolis toward S and island of Lesbos

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"Giants" at the Odeion of Agrippa. Athens, Agora.

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Athens, Tomb of Philopappos.

View toward N along the beach at Kabos (E side of the Leukimme peninsula),...

Landscape view from Pelekas toward E-SE, overlooking central plain of Corc...

Hillside sloping up to Acrocorinth from NW, Corinth

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Remaining fragments of the Temple Asklepeios (late 4th Century B.C.E.), Co...
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