20 Sites whose Site Type is Sanctuary

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View of South Stoa in the Heraion from S, looking NE, Foce del Sele

Adyton of Temple of Hera, looking W, Foce del Sele

Tour group viewing reconstructed starting line of stadium, Isthmia

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Wheel ruts across 5th Century B.C.E. altar. Isthmia.

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Drainage under the stadium, Labraunda.

Overall view of Andron C, from E, Labraunda

The Workshop of Pheidias at Olympia

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Model of sanctuary, showing Retaining wall of river Kladeos, from S
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Rectangular hearth building; Sanctuary of Hera Auraia. Perachora.

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Upper sanctuary at the the Temple of Hera Auraia, Perachora.

Plan of Geometric to early Archaic phase (8th - 7th c. BC), with Second He...

View of Vathy Bay and town, Vathy, Samos, Heraion

Remains of altar and enclosure, Samothrace City, Rock Altar

View of island from S, Samothrace

Overview of peninsula, composite of phases, Sounion

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Foundations of farmhouses. Attica, Sounion.

View from hill E of temple precinct toward E, Thermon

Prehistoric house remains N of Temple of Apollo, from S and above, Thermon
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