10 Sites whose Site Type is Settlement

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View looking N from Menidi toward Mount Parnes, Acharnai

View looking W from Menidi, Acharnai

Stone anvil at end of Telchines Street, Akrotiri, Thera, Stone Anvil

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Fresco of young priestess from room 4 of the West House, Akrotiri, Thera.

Prehistoric mound from N, Argissa

Step trench on W side of prehistoric mound, Argissa

View toward E across valley of Dimini to bay of Volos, mound of Dimini at ...

Neolithic street and walls in N area of Dimini settlement, from SE, Dimini

Overview, Karphi

Aerial view of site and bay, from E, Lerna

Overview, showing early Helladic remains and the later shaft graves and gr...

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Sunken room in quarter NW, Mallia.

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Quarter NW: industrial areas, Mallia.

Site of ancient acropolis from W, Prinias

Plan of Palace of Nestor, also showing entrance through excavated portion ...

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Pylos, Palace of Nestor.

Plan of Late Neolithic phase remains over Middle Neolithic remains, Sesklo

Mound from NW, Sesklo