61 Vases whose Collection is Berlin, Antikenmuseen

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Side A: youth, upper half

Side B: youth on left, upper half

Main panel: head of griffin

Main panel: second panther

Side B, top panel: second warrior from left

Side A, top panel: Dionysos, Hephaistos, and Hermes

Side A: scene at center

Side B (below): man observing youths racing horses

Side B: oblique from left

Handle: right of side A

Side A: Patroklos and Achilles

Side B: oblique from left

Side A: scene at center

Interior: three concentric friezes

Side B: woman on left, from the waist up

Side A: Herakles, from the waist up

Main panel: dog on right

Overview: handle left

Side B: wrestlers in center, upper half

Side A: oblique from left
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