9 Vases whose Keyword is costume

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Asteas' calyx krater: Drawing of side A, showing a phlyax play (three...

Asteas' calyx krater: Drawing of side A (detail), showing a phlyax pl...

Tondo: silen and maenad

Side B: silens and maenads

Side B: Aphrodite, from the knees up

Side B: Aeneas, from the waist up

Main panel: actors dressing

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Exterior: overview

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Interior: overview

Tondo: shield of warrior

Tondo: warrior, lower half

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Side A: two comic actors

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Three-dimensional approximation of the vase

Detail of the figural scene, top left: upper bodies of Nike and Herakles

Detail of the trefoil lip on the left side

Profile, side A at right

Side A: scene from Aristophanes' Birds.